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The Journal of the American Society of Acupuncturists is published quarterly. JASA publishes peer reviewed research and case reportsabout acupuncture and Oriental medicine. It also includes opinion papers, commentaries, book reviews, conference reports, and Clinical Pearls. It is geared to licensed professional acupuncture and East Asian medical practitioners.

Editor in Chief
Jennifer Stone, LAc

357 S. Landmark Ave.
Bloomington, IN 47403


JASA is available FREE online to all members of all ASA state associations as a valued member benefit. State associations membership is approx. 7,000 and growing. Print copies are available to state organization members at a reduced rate. Both print and online issues are available through paid subscription by any AOM school library for use by all faculty and students.

  • Print and online issues: Paid subscriptions available for both print/online issues or only online version. These subscribers include:
    • Licensed acupuncture and East Asian medicine practitioners and members of the integrated medicine profession
    • Students and faculty through their school library subscriptions
    • Acupuncture and East Asian medicine educators and researchers
    • A discounted rate for print issues is available to all AOM state association members
  • Databases: EBSCO includes JASA in its upgraded, international version of its Academic Search database as well as the CINAHL database
  • Publically accessible issues: The general public can access current and past issues that include abstracts of scientific research articles and full access to all ads and to articles such as opinion papers, book reviews, conference reports, letters and commentary.

Benefits of Advertising

  • Our readership primarily consists of  practitioners who, by virtue of membership in their state ASA association, value learning about topics, products, and resources relevant to their profession.
  • Our readership makes purchasing decisions regarding stocking their clinics; they are able to keep their education current through information obtained in this publication.
  • Our readership knows the value of acquiring a doctoral level acupuncture and East Asian medicine education and appreciates information regarding academic institutions that advertise in this publication.

Rate Information

See the JASA Advertising Contract for prices of all ad types.
A 15% discount is given to each first ad by an advertiser no matter how many they contract for. A 10% discount is given for each ad when four ads are contracted for a consecutive 12 month period.
To pay for four consecutive issues in advance, if we are notified of this, otherwise ads will be invoiced when each issue is produced.

JASA Advertising Terms (Downloadable Version)

  1. JASA will invoice the advertiser upon publication of each issue. Invoice will be emailed to the advertising contact person.
  2. One tear sheet will be sent as proof of insertion. Online access to the issue will be provided.
  3. Full payment is due within 30 days from date of invoice. Payment becomes delinquent 10 days after due date.
  4. Delinquent accounts will be restricted from advertising until accounts are paid in full.
  5. New advertisers may be invoiced upon receipt of ad to be used rather than after publication of the ad.
  6. JASA reserves the right to reject, request revision or cancel any ad at any time.
  7. In case of cancellations or changes in insertion agreement after the closing date for ads, the advertiser is liable for payment in full.
  8. All advertisers will be notified by email 3-4 weeks prior to submission deadline to submit new ad. If a previously used ad will be repeated, advertisers will inform JASA of this. If a new ad will be used, advertisers must inform JASA of this by that deadline. New ads must be received by JASA by the due date. If there will be any kind of delay in receipt of a new ad, the advertiser must contact JASA in a timely manner.
  9. Multiple-insertion orders will run in consecutive issues unless otherwise agreed upon in writing with JASA.
  10. Rate increases will not occur during course of an ad contract.
  11. Errors must be reported to JASA within 30 days of publication. No allowance is granted for errors that do not materially affect the value of an advertisement.
  12. JASA is not responsible for missing or distorted text or graphics or any other ad errors supplied via electronic media unless both a complete electronic file meeting JASA’s technical specifications and a full color proof are provided in advance of the due date.
  13. All artwork produced by JASA remains the property of JASA.
  14. No advertising space will be sold by JASA for the purpose of resale.
  15. Advertisers will be held liable for damages or any court judgment for invasion of privacy, libel, copyright violation, or trademark or patent infringement contained in any advertisement that appears in JASAon the advertiser’s behalf.
  16. Advertisers liability shall include JASA's defense costs should any legal action be brought as a result of any such action resulting from any advertising published in the journal.
  17. The advertiser and agency or person preparing or placing the advertisement each agrees to indemnify and hold JASA harmless from all liabilities and damages, and related costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees resulting from publication of any advertisement of the advertiser.




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